Available in numerous shapes, sizes, and configurations, airport billboards let you brand your image in a big way. With strategic placement for maximum exposure, your company has the opportunity to influence every type of consumer--vacationers, business travelers, students, homemakers, executives--all at one time, all in one location.

Advantages of Airport Billboards

  • Airport billboards let you target a very diverse demographic, perfect for companies who have a product or service that appeals to a multitude of people
  • Availability of various size advertisements allows even smaller start-ups with minimal capital to extend their marketing reach to airport crowds
  • People spend quite a bit of time in airports due to transfers, flight delays, and the necessity of an early arrival so the impression rate is higher
  • Airport billboards encourage point of purchase sales as people are arriving, roaming, or departing the airport

Styles of Airport Advertisements

Airport billboards are available in vinyl, digital, or mobile styles. Additionally, there is a large selection of advertising formats from smaller backlit signs to larger spectaculars and banners.

Vinyl Print Airport Billboards

Like other vinyl print billboards, the vinyl featured in airport advertising is sturdy and long-lasting. Designed with your brand in mind the text, colors, and definition of lines are stunning and impactful.

Digital Display Airport Billboards

Digital display airport billboards are available as static advertisements; however, you also have the ability to feature brilliant full color video and, in some areas, interactive features. Market your brand with bold, high quality digital graphics to catch the attention of even the most rushed passenger.

Mobile Airport Billboards

Mobile airport billboards take several forms. From digital kiosks to vinyl billboards used for exhibits, mobile marketing is the new out of home advertising norm. The options are limitless and imagination takes front stage.


Airport advertising comes in many sizes. Three of the commonly used airport billboards include dioramas, double dioramas, and spectaculars.

  • Diorama - Standard overall size of 43" high x 62" wide; dioramas are featured at baggage claim areas, near coffee shops, and along walking paths
  • Double Diorama - Approximate overall size of 43" high x 126" wide; double dioramas offer more space for graphics and image branding
  • Spectacular - Airport spectacular sizing for indoor applications varies but typically measures around the 83" high x 135" wide mark; spectaculars are the ultimate way for your company to be noticed in an airport environment

Ideal Locations

Prime advertising locations in an airport setting depend on the product, service, or message you are marketing. Retailers looking to increase point-of-sale purchases may want to advertise in highly traveled terminals, while companies trying to elicit B2B sales might consider advertising in the VIP lounge.

Airport advertising offers several prime locations to help you target your intended market:

  • Terminals
  • Baggage Claims
  • Courtesy Areas
  • Baggage Carts
  • Arrivals
  • Departures
  • Lounges
  • Concourses
  • Exhibition Areas

Determine your target audience and consider where they will be spending the most time when creating your marketing plan for airport advertising. Still have questions? Give one of our associates a call right now and we can help guide you in the right direction.

Advertising on Airport Billboards

Airport billboards help your company attain increased sales locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally. Use airport advertising to:

  • Encourage local or destination excursions
  • Create exposure for new product lines
  • Push social media interaction
  • Direct attention to upcoming events

Airport billboards can reach corners of the market that you have previously been unable to target. Make your brand known using a clever campaign in an airport with remarkable exposure.