Bus advertising is optimal for the business that needs to introduce a product or service to a large market, but in a manner that costs less than traditional out of home advertising. Use mobile bus and bus shelter advertising to:

Bus advertising reaches consumers in your target market through high visibility. Call (855) 705-2030 to speak with an associate now and see what mobile bus advertising can do for your business.

Advantages of Bus Shelter Ads

  • Feature short, distinctive messages about new product lines
  • Encourage consumers to visit your website and social media platforms
  • Alert customers to active sales and special events
  • Push for a call to action
  • Promote innovative services offered by your company


Most bus shelters feature advertisements encased in protective glass on the sides or back of the structure. 49" x 72" or smaller.

Ideal Locations

One of the greatest benefits of bus advertising is the capability to target various areas of the market with an individual campaign. Feature your print ad at numerous bus shelters along a single route, or widen your reach by targeting several routes within a city.

Get noticed at street level by utilizing mobile bus advertisements. With plenty of stops along a route, your marketing message will be seen where consumers work, shop, eat, live, and seek entertainment. The daily impression rate from bus advertisements is often upwards of 15,000 (will vary by market). Look at larger markets in cities across the country for a thoroughly diverse saturation of commodities on a national scale. Stick to larger, local cities when offering products and services limited to a specific area.