When it comes to out of home advertising, bulletins are well known for making statements. With more than 670 square feet of advertising space, bulletins are vastly customizable, highly visible, and provide a continual presence for your company. Impressively large at 48 feet wide and 14 feet high, the bulletin is the largest standard-sized outdoor advertising format. Bulletins are available in vinyl print or as digital displays. Each style has distinctive features and attributes that are advantageous to your business.

Advantages of Bulletin Advertising

  • Large display allows visibility by drivers, passengers, and pedestrians for maximum influence
  • Rich, noticeable graphics capture the attention of consumers
  • Strategic placement means your message is viewed by more people, more often
  • Choice of static or rotating bulletins allows maximum placement customization for your company

Bulletin Styles

Digital Display Bulletins

Digital bulletins use ground-breaking technology to display brilliant images on an electronic screen. Clients using digital bulletins can access features that allow real time or scheduled updating, automated countdowns, and even the ability to rotate your bulletin to a different location based on sales, trends, traffic, or changing climate.

  • Go from concept to display in minimal time without fabrication costs
  • Change and customize ads throughout your campaign to keep up with current trends
  • Promote your website through real time content streaming to create more site traffic
  • Display news as it happens and provide severe weather alerts to keep the public informed

Vinyl Print Bulletins

Similar in style to the painted bulletins of yesteryear, vinyl bulletins offer a touch of nostalgia with present day benefits. Today's vinyl print bulletins offer high quality print, weather resistance, and a high level of customizability.

  • Add moving parts, extensions from the live space, or three dimensional features to really capture the attention of your market
  • Create image awareness with photo quality ads on a larger scale
  • Retain peace of mind with eco-friendly, recyclable vinyl
  • Increase brand presence with around the clock placement

Using a Bulletin for Your Business

Businesses, organizations, non-profits, and any other entity that needs to create awareness, build a brand, provide direction, or make a statement in a cost-effective manner can benefit from advertising on a bulletin. Bulletins provide a large amount of live space so graphics and text are visible from long distances for greatest exposure. Use a bulletin to:

  • Direct traffic to your dealership, restaurant, or storefront
  • Generate awareness for innovative insurance and banking products
  • Drive image branding to new levels with high quality graphics in digital or vinyl
  • Build enthusiasm for new products, services, or locations
  • Provide key information for upcoming music, theater, and sporting events
  • Campaign for local, state, or national political races

Bulletin advertising works for businesses in any industry. From local startups to global producers, bulletins provide a powerful way to get your message across to prospective customers, existing clients, and the public at large.

Bulletin Size

  • Largest Standard Bulletin - 14' High x 48' Wide
  • 14' H x 48' W live space; 15' H x 49' W with bleed
  • 672 square feet of space for image branding, product promotion, and more
  • Call to speak directly to an associate for design specs prior to formatting

Ideal Bulletin Locations

Bulletins are found along highways, byways, freeways, expressways, and major arteries. Target your market where it matters most. Larger companies with a broad reach will want to seek bulletin placement in and around major cities, while smaller businesses looking to expand local reach might find bulletins within a 30 mile radius of their storefront to be the most effective.

Vinyl bulletins offer static placement, meaning your brand is continually being viewed--and often by the same consumers. This creates recognition and is ideal in image branding. Digital bulletins allow rotating placement. This is optimal when you want to increase recognition by targeting multiple areas.