Advertising with Wallscapes

Any company that advertises to a wide demographic and has struggled with branding will find that a wallscape provides the definitive solution to image marketing woes. Players already familiar with market command can use wallscapes to hold a presence in targeted areas.

Wallscapes are a striking form of advertising that simply cannot go unnoticed. Wallscapes are seen in major metro areas and are often regarded as landmarks due to high visibility from afar. In areas where a billboard might seem obtrusive, wallscapes provide an elite type of marketing. The demand for wallscape space can be higher than the supply of buildings to accommodate the market. These gorgeous works of art are a truly supreme form of advertising.

  • Dominate the market with impressively large, dazzling graphics situated high above street level
  • Take your marketing to a level unknown to your competitors with stimulating messages situated in some of the most prestigious areas of the city
  • Hold the attention of your targeted consumer by utilizing available features such as three dimensional embellishments or fiber optic simulations

Style and Size

Wallscapes are created using computer technology and printed on vinyl. Then, they are attached to the building wall using adhesive backing or grommets. Available in nearly any shape and size, customizability is one of the most advantageous features of a wallscape.

Ideal Locations

Wallscape advertising is best suited to medium or large cities. Affluent areas of the city are the most likely to feature wallscape advertising.