A smaller version of the bulletin, posters are frequently found in small to medium cities, as well as towns and villages. Due to their reduced size, posters are more affordable than their larger counterparts but have the same benefits and advantages. Posters and Jr. Posters can be used in conjunction with special embellishments such as three dimensional parts and extensions. A cost-effective way to work on branding in suburban to urban areas or in transit zones, Posters and Jr. Posters give you the benefits of a bulletin in a smaller package.

  • Be heard loud and clear when your message is used on multiple posters throughout your target area
  • Be seen where your consumers live and work by utilizing Jr. Posters near grocery stores, industrial zones, and suburban communities
  • Be known when your brand finds recognition through your well-advertised call to action

Styles and Sizes

Posters and Jr. Posters are available in vinyl print, digital, or mobile versions. The standard poster measures 10" 5" high x 22' 8" wide, while the Jr. Poster measures 6' high x 12" wide.

Ideal Locations

Use Poster and Jr. Poster advertising to target travelers, commuters, small towns, and urban areas.