Advertise on a bus or at a bus shelter for exceptionally targeted advertising. Bus advertising is extremely versatile, offering options to suit the marketing requirements of any business. Available in multiple sizes, billboards suitable for mobile advertising also offer the benefit of a competitive price point. Watch your ROI grow using a call to action with bus advertising.

  • Various styles and sizes of bus advertisements create an adaptable form of marketing your business can use to its advantage
  • Buses transport your most precious commodity-the customer; this means your marketing message goes where your market thrives
  • Ability to provide directions on a bus shelter can increase point of purchase sales
  • Bus advertisements are large, mobile, and located at street level thus increasing consumer saturation of your brand

Styles of Bus Advertisements

Bus advertisements are available in canvas or digital mobile formats to meet the needs of a variety of brands. Bus shelter advertisements are printed on laminated UV paper and are often encased for ultimate durability.

Mobile Bus Advertisements

Bus advertisements are an effective form of mobile advertising. They provide an affordable way to flood the market with your company image while keeping your advertising dollars targeted where they matter most. Mobile advertisements can be relocated to another line as needed or reused in future campaigns.

Canvas Bus Advertisements

Resilient canvas is the perfect backdrop for your image branding campaign. Displayed on the rear or sides of a bus, canvas advertisements have embellishment options that draw even more attention from pedestrians and motorists.

Digital Display Bus Advertisements

Digital displays have the benefit of amplified flexibility. Feature your message on multiple lines across several months time, or move your message route by route to determine the best market for your campaign.

Laminated UV Advertisements for Bus Shelters

Laminated UV paper is used in bus shelter advertising. The nature of the paper allows for clean, crisp images; perfect for up-close viewing. Resistant to fading, UV paper is specially formulated to withstand penetrating sunlight.


Bus advertisement sizes will vary in specific markets. Most buses are capable of handling any advertising scaled to the size of a medium billboard and smaller.

  • Poster - Approximately 10' x 22' to 12' x 24'
  • Jr. Poster - 6' x 12' or smaller