Spectaculars take outdoor advertising to an entirely new level. Amplify your marketing campaign in an impressive way with elements only recently used in out of home advertising. The largest of all outdoor advertisements, spectaculars feature a stunning display of graphics, lighting, sound, and more.

Advantages of Spectaculars

  • Multiple configurations mean your marketing message is fully customizable for the greatest scale of brand imaging
  • Special effect options tailored to showcase your product or service help you stand out against the competition
  • Extraordinary architecture allows the display to bend, curve, tower, and lean, drawing the most attention to your brand
  • Spectaculars are featured in bustling cities where your marketing message will attract a diverse population of spectators

Styles of Spectaculars

Available in vinyl print or as digital LED video displays, spectaculars are fully customized to suit your marketing campaign.

Vinyl Print Spectaculars

Vinyl print spectaculars typically differ from spectacularss in both shape and size. Often bigger than the largest standard spectaculars, spectaculars can feature 90 degree angles to target two different traffic directions or form a flowing message that has significant impact. Spectaculars are dramatic and eye-catching when paired with moving parts, 3D images, sound, or even smoke. High quality vinyl resists tough weather conditions and has a lasting durability to keep your message sharp.

Digital Display Spectaculars

Spectaculars utilize LED video displays to give your brand the attention it deserves. With vibrant colors and image quality that exceeds expectations, spectaculars are the ultimate form of out of home advertising. Engage consumers with graphics, messages, music, and more. Spectaculars are innovative, functional, and most importantly, effective. Build excitement among the masses--call us now at (855) 705-2030 to brand your image using spectacular advertising displays.

Advertising with Spectaculars

Use spectaculars to stand out from your competitors. Showcase your product or brand with impressive detailing on a large scale. Spectaculars take your marketing to a level above and beyond other outdoor advertising techniques by captivating your intended audience with extreme displays and special effects. Spectaculars are often used by:

  • Casinos to display information for upcoming events, concerts, and giveaways
  • Trusted, high profile brands to increase product sales
  • Established companies to encourage clicks or calls
  • Network channels to alert the public of sports programming, news alerts, or changing show times with the goal of increased viewership
  • Airlines, hotel brands, and car rental agencies to advertise promotions

Spectacular advertising can be customized to suit the needs of your business, large or small. With an infinite number of image building options, spectaculars are the ultimate way to get the word out about your brand.

Spectacular Sizes

Larger than Standard - Spectacular sizing is limited only by your imagination. Almost always larger than the biggest standard spectaculars, spectaculars can take on nearly any shape and size. Spectaculars are not restricted to a horizontal display. Use a vertical or diagonal format, add curves, and include corners. Create more awareness with a distinctively magnificent exhibit.

Ideal Locations

Spectaculars are the mansions of billboard real estate. Located in prime locations, spectaculars draw crowds from varied economic and cultural backgrounds so your message can reach a highly diverse population. Spectaculars are seen by drivers, passengers, bicyclists, cab or bus riders, and pedestrians. Spectaculars are ideally located:

  • In key cities with exposure to crowds of tourists and day trippers
  • Along bustling freeways and near large airports
  • Near major expressways
  • Around entertainment facilities, arenas, and major sports complexes
  • Close to high-traffic fashion or shopping districts