Billboard advertising using panels or squares is optimal for companies looking to extend their reach without overloading their budget. Smaller than a standard bulletin, but with more area than a poster, panels and squares are the right solution for startups, reintroductions, and companies just looking to hold a position in the market. Similar to bulletins, but on a smaller scale, panels and squares offer a wide advertising canvas mounted above street level. Panels and squares work well to market an individual product or service.

  • Get noticed in a crowd by using the square's large, impactful shape to create interest
  • Borderless imagery flows all the way to the edge of the panel or square's vinyl for a remarkable appearance that grabs the attention of consumers
  • Ease into new markets by using squares and panels to create brand recognition

Style and Size

Squares and panels are created from premium vinyl and printed with high quality inks for ultimate resistance to inclement weather conditions or fading. They are also available as digital displays, featuring striking resolution for a supreme viewing experience. Panels are approximately 12 feet high by 24 feet wide, while squares consist of two stacked panels.

Ideal Locations

Panels and squares have maximum visibility in smaller cities. Use panels and squares near highly traveled freeways, popular shopping centers, or commercial zones. Panels and squares can also be featured at airports, subways, and rail stations.