Taxi top billboards have the advantage of creating street level marketing that travels. Mobile billboards such as these are seen both by your intended market and your potential market. This is beneficial because your brand will reach an untargeted population-often leading to a new type of consumer for your product or service.

  • Taxi advertisements cover hundreds of miles each day, stopping at airports, hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants where consumers are present
  • Available in vinyl or digital versions, taxi top advertising is versatile and suitable for image branding or product/service promotion
  • Low pricing makes taxicab advertising an option for companies of any size
  • Backlit displays mean your message is perfectly clear, even at night

Advertising with Taxi Top Billboards

Any business, from a small bistro to a nationwide insurance company can use a taxi top billboard to their advantage. Use taxi top billboards to:

  • Feature contact information for pizza delivery in tourist areas
  • Provide location information for area night clubs
  • Promote regional attractions
  • Create a local presence as part of your image branding agenda
  • Display sports scores, stock information, or weather alerts

Taxi top advertising is an efficient way to introduce a new product to the market, stay relevant in areas where your brand is already recognized, or gear up for a new launch while testing the market for response.

Taxi Advertising Styles

Taxi top mobile billboards are available in vinyl print or as digital presentations. Display your image on the media that best suits your brand without breaking your marketing budget.

Vinyl Print Taxi Top Billboards

Vinyl print taxi cab ads are created with sturdy vinyl made to withstand wind and tough weather. Printed with weather-resistant inks, taxicab ads are vivid and attention-grabbing. Viewed by pedestrians, cab riders, and motorists, vinyl print taxi top billboards are a marketing must in any medium to large city.

Digital Display Taxi Top Billboards

Digital taxicab billboards encompass the best of both worlds-mobile advertising and a bright LED display. The digital format allows you to change or rotate ads based on the day, month, or season with no production lag. Eye-catching and innovative, digital taxi top advertisements are an inexpensive way to infiltrate the market without compromising quality.

Taxi Billboard Size

40" high x 60" wide - A standard taxi top billboard is just the right size to get noticed. With multiple sides to showcase marketing messages and illumination to make sure your message is seen, taxi top billboards are a valuable method of mobile marketing.

Ideal Taxi Locations

Add taxi top billboards to your marketing program in any major city for paramount brand coverage. Cabs make recurrent stops at the same places your consumers frequent, creating recall and awareness where it makes an impact. Your brand will be noticed at:

  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Tourist attractions
  • Restaurants

With 2,400 square inches of marketing space, a taxi top billboard has plenty of space to deliver a short but powerful message as it navigates the busy city streets.